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The Sound Cafe" Recording Studio, Edinburgh



Alternatively you can independently hire out a recording studio of your choice and hire our engineer at a reduced rate.






  • Digidesign Desk; DAW is Pro Tools HDX.


  •  All audio will be recorded through a variety of analogue/valve pre amps listed in outboard gear.


  • Digidesign C24 Desk with SSL Alpha A-D convertors SSL Delta Link Madi HD:     


Advanced Audio CM47

ADK Area 51 TT

SE Gemini

SE Z5600

SE Isis
Neumann U87

AKG 414XLS’s

Sennheiser MKH40

Audio Technica AT4033’s


Rode NT5’s

Electrovoice RE20

Sennheiser 421’s

Sure SM58’s

Sure SM57’s

Beyer M201

Sennheiser E604’s

AKG D112

SE electronic Rupert Neve RNR 1

Golden Age R1

  • SSL Full Channel strips

  • Golden Age

  • Warm Audio

  • Joe Meek VC1Q Channel

  • TLA Audio 5001

  • TLA Audio 5051 Channel

  • SPL Gold Mike

  • Audient ASP008

  • Digitech Valve Channel


  • SPL Vitalizer

  • TC Finalizer96k

  • MXR Dual Compressor

  • Aphex Valve Compressor

  • TLA Indigo 2012 Valve EQ

  • Lexicon LXP-15mk2 Reverb

  • Alesis Quadraverb Multi FX

  • Alesis Midiverb MK2 Multi FX

  • Zoom 9120 Multi FX

  • Akai S950 Sampler

KRK VXT and Sub, Yamaha NS10, AKG aurotone, Bose, KRK Rokit Mk1, B&W, Tannoy Mercury.

  • Edirol PCR-M50 Midi Keyboard Controller

  • Akai MPD32 controller

  • Cajon, assorted percussion including congas and bongos

  • Gretsch and Premier Drum Kits

  • Yamaha and Freshman Acoustic guitars

  • Yamaha Bass guitar

  • Fender and Tokai electric guitars



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